Grand Baie

The following rides were on the same main routes of the previous ones. I wasted less time in looking into alternative routes and I managed to go further and discover new roads and villages. I really enjoyed the ride to Grand Baie where I went through the little town and rode on the costal road up to Pointe Aux Canonniers. It was quite a windy day which helped me to go back fast enough to achieve decent times on some segments. I also noticed Laurent Jalabert was riding there few years ago!

In the Southern part of the area I reached Trou d’Eau Douce where there is a busy life around the boat leaving to Ile aux Cerfs, one of the best beaches on the island where two small islands inside the barrier reef join and create a natural passage in the blu sea which is quite unique, worth visiting it!


At the end of my holiday I rode250Km, much more of what I thought I could ride. The early mornings rides were really the reason why I managed to ride more than expected.


Mango man on the side of the road

I brought home great memories of my rides and the experience of going around Mauritius by myself on those road was great! The only regret I have is to have not stopped any local cyclist when I met them during my rides. I missed an opportunity to talk to them, understand better the cycling culture and meet someone new to exchange views on cycling, what a missed opportunity! The thing is that I haven’t met them in front of me or I never got anybody overtaking me on the road, they all have gone quickly on the other side of the road with no possibility to stop them if not by risking to get knocked by one of the fast cars or buses approaching.

So it was time to pack the bike and go back home. This time the Scicon bag didn’t work as good as on the other flight. When I got the bag back at  Malpensa airport, everything seemed ok. But once home I discovered the back hanger wasn’t on in its place anymore and the bike was hit badly on the back with the tuning screw of the derailleur being broken. I had few scratches on the bike because of all this, but nothing major. Next time I will close the quick release screwer on the bag frame much stronger but I will also unscrew the derailleur and protect it with some cover to not risk of having it damaged by a bag launch of the airport personnel.

Posted by Max

He is a rider since the day he was born. He rode his first road-bike in 2015 after testing all sort of sports: "I can keep doing a sport without my Achilles tendon suffering", but he then started suffering on the climbs around Lake Como. He has been working for digital companies for 20 years and he loves to sail (without suffering). He rides a Wilier GTR 2015, a Passoni XXTi Campu Super Record + Bora and a Canyon Neuron. You can send him an email here


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in Mauritius and especially your advice on potential hazards; falling flowers, fruit and private buses! We’re going there soon and hope to hire some bikes. Thankfully we’re familiar with the ‘wrong side of the road’ as we’re English. Hopefully there aren’t too many hills on the coastal roads?


    1. Hi Jonny – I still have memories of clipping in and watching a bus “on the wrong side of the road”… The coastal roads are flats. Not even hills to climbs. For those hilly roads you would need to get into the island or look for them in shortcuts. Have a look at my Strava profile and look for the Mauritius rides in Jan 2015:
      Enjoy your rides! Ciao


      1. Hi Max

        Thanks for the advice and description of the routes! Happy cycling my friend!


        Jonny in Essex, England


  2. Hi Max
    Thank you so much, I have my bike box ready and fly on Saturday (9 Dec 17) for a month in Mauritius. your info has been very helpful and reassuring regarding the roads.
    Regards Paul


    1. Hi Paul – so jealous of what you are about to experience! Have fun and happy cycling!
      Please let me know how it goes.


  3. Geir Kirkebøen 29 January 2018 at 17:52

    Hi, I am a Norwegian cyclist. I have regularly, the last 40 years, been on long cycle tours all over the globe. However, I have not yet been to Mauritius. Inspired by your Mauritius report, I consider to bring my bike there the first three weeks in March. Is that a good idea?
    When I am on cycle tours, I prefer not to book accommodation in advance. Did you do that? If not, did you have any problem finding okay accommodation on the spot (all over the island)? If not, what do I expect to pay for that?



    1. Hi Geir – lucky you!
      It is a good idea for sure. There are plenty of resorts in the villages, but mainly big resorts for tourists, not for travelers for what I saw when I was there. I would suggest to check what’s available on the route you have in mind.
      Cost of life is slightly cheaper than the European one.
      Enjoy your ride!


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